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How can I truly believe in the Cryptodruid?

Since this figure came from a parallel world where there are dragons, flying cities, greedy whales and mad robots, you will hardly learn it by reasoning. The advice is to enjoy his background and to receive warmly what he has to give you, whether it is a smile or a token, as long as you want it.

Is this whole thing a scam?

If you could just imagine how many merchants of the Blocklands changed their lives after meeting the Cryptodruid, this question would never come to your mind. Anyway, even there, some investors argue that trading luck doesn’t exist. Others are of different advise. Therefore, the answer depends solely on you, your judgments, and your confidence in the crypto Markets.

Who really is the Cryptodruid?

Regarding the identity of the prophet there are several informations about him in this website, and most of them can be easily received by reading. However, those who will have the patience to explore this portal in depth, discovering all of its secrets, will know the Cryptodruid much better than the average.

How did he approach our world?

The blockchains and the technologies in general are in a very early stage on Earth, even if you never thought of it. The universe from which Ronan came is shifted of a huge amount of time if compared to our one: centuries, millenniums or even aeons - no one knows exactly. So you should not be surprised that the Blocklands, even in ruins, can offer inconceivable decentralization possibilities, capable of overcoming the barriers of space and time.

Who is following the development of this website?

Mostly it is the Cryptodruid himself, sometimes helped by the apprentice. It took him just few hours to master all the necessary tools to establish it and to make it functional, since they were quite primitive for him. Hence, browsing the internet during sleep, he acquired a wide knowledge about our humankind, in order to adjust the platform and its communication style to the standards of Earth.

Does the Cryptodruid have a sort of roadmap?

Starting from his investiture as the last representative of his church, Ronan has been remarkably determined in serving the cause of crypto. Since he is an experienced mentor, you can be sure that he will do everything possible to bring wealth and prosperity to the investors who will trust him. This is what he always did, his purest essence, his role of blockchain prophet. That being said, the Cryptodruid is also pragmatic and focused on results – as every good trader should be. So his path is not predetermined, instead it will evolve according to his destiny. One thing is certain: the best is yet to come.

What is the Diary section?

The Diary section is the digitized counterpart of Ronan’s physical log. In the Diary you will find a selection of his most interesting entries and notes, originally hand written by him and then faithfully posted on this website, in their integrity. Using a common term, you can consider it as the official “blog” of the Cryptodruid.

How often the Cryptodruid publishes new entries in the Diary?

The life of a trading hero is quite dense, so there is not a specific publishing schedule for the Diary entries. However, since Ronan enjoys to share his stories, you can expect a minimum of one new entry per month. Remember that this is very underestimated, probably there will be more.


What does the Artifacts section mean?

The Artifacts section lists a serie of amulets, relics and heirlooms of trade collected by the prophet during his long journeys of pray. All of the listed items have been personally gathered, conceived or examinated by the Cryptodruid himself, in the course of his life. In order to ensure their full compatibility with our universe, Ronan used the power of the code to reforge them into transferable tokens that meet ERC-20 standard.

How can the Artifacts be collected?

In order to purchase an Artifact, first click on the Purchase Tab of the single Artifact's Page.

Then, send Ethereum (ETH) to the Smart Contract's Address. The contract will send back to you the goods.

After purchase, add the relative ERC-20 Token Contract to your Ethereum wallet's watchlist in order to recognize your Artifact.

Every Artifact can be obtained only through its relative, specific smart contract. At the time of writing there are 18 total Artifacts available, and consequently 18 specific Ethereum (ETH) addresses to obtain them. The unique address of a specific Artifact can be found in the Purchase tab of the single Artifact’s page. When you send a certain amount of Ethereum (ETH) to one of these addresses, the relative smart contract divides the received quantity per the Artifact’s unit price, delivering back to your address the goods. Simple as that.

What Ethereum (ETH) wallets are supported?
Ronan recommends to join the prophecy using only ERC-20 tokens compatible wallets / interfaces, such as Mist, Ethereum Wallet or Metamask. Do not send Ethereum (ETH) from exchanges or from wallets like Jaxx or Exodus, and avoid the risk to do not receive the Artifacts you purchase. The contingency just described, however sad, does not foresee any remedy by the Cryptodruid.
Do the Artifacts’ smart contracts accept other currencies than Ethereum (ETH)?

No. At the current stage of the platform the Artifacts can only be acquired by sending Ethereum (ETH) to their individual addresses. The option to display unit prices with the Lesser Rune (RUNE) currency is for knowledge purposes only – since the prophet has crafted each Artifact by mean of its unique recipe, involving a certain quantity of Lesser Rune (RUNE) in the process.

What happens if I send an imprecise amount of Ethereum (ETH) to an Artifact’s address?

Every smart contract returns to the buyer's address the first integer number of fully payed Artifacts. If the quantity of Ethereum (ETH) sent is less than the unit price of the Artifact, the transaction itself is canceled, and all the Ethereum (ETH) sent will turn back to your address, minus Gas costs. In case there is a remainder of payment to be returned, the smart contract delivers it together with the Artifacts, minus Gas costs.

Are the Artifacts’ circulating supplies unlimited and / or variable?

No. The Cryptodruid – the only who has the rights and the powers to do so – has crafted the Artifacts in fixed numbers, and will never produce more than currently available. You can check the total circulating supply and the remaining available supply of each Artifact in the Details tab of the single Artifact’s page. Generally, the most powerful items come with a smaller supply, according to their Rarity.

How many of the produced Artifacts are available for purchase?

All of them, with one exception. Ronan has retained in his druidic wallet 33.33% (50000) of the total circulating supply of Lesser Rune (RUNE), in the perspective of further developments of the prophecy which have not yet been revealed. All the other Artifacts are destined to the investors, and their total circulating supply (100%) is available for purchase.

What happens if I try to purchase an Artifact which is out of stock?

In this case, the entire amount of Ethereum (ETH) you sent in the transaction is returned to your address by the smart contract, minus Gas costs.

After purchase I can not see the Artifacts in my Ethereum (ETH) wallet. What to do?
Well, you have probably been hit by a wave of fomo. Do not worry, probably you missed to add the relative ERC-20 token contract into your wallet's watchlist. You can find this contract address in the Purchase tab of the single Artifact's page (it is the second address, coloured in white).
Does the Cryptodruid offer any refund possibility for the Artifacts, after their purchase?
No. The prophet shared with the Markets of Earth his trading heirlooms in the name of Cissonius, and this means that his Artifacts are deeply infused with the sacred blessing of that deity. Disclaiming the Artifacts after their purchase can be extremely dangerous, and the Cryptodruid declines every responsibility of such heresies.


Are the Lesser Rune (RUNE) and / or the other Artifacts going to be traded in exchanges?

The prophet would be enthusiast of such an usage, which he envisioned many times during his sweetest sleeps. However, it is very unlikely that the Artifacts are going to be traded on the exchanges of Earth, due to their extremely limited supply. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the Cryptodruid is not working on other ways to trade them.

Can the Artifacts be considered digital assets?

No. They are way too disruptive to be so described, nor as securities, commodities, or mere financial instruments. A proper definition for them could be "crypto trading jewelries", "blockchain weapons", or "talismans of wealth". But even these depictions are just partial. The nature of the Artifacts differs profoundly from all the currently existing ERC-20 tokens, and so it must be unique, as well, their consideration by the investors.

What features, uses or attributes do the Artifacts have?

The Artifacts, besides their specific trading bonuses, are above all the only way to truly adhere to the church of Cissonius. So they do not offend investors with features such as uses, purposes, attributes or functionalities in relation to sketched or non-existent projects. Instead, they assure a place in the prophecy passed down by generations among the most powerful trading seers of the Blocklands.

Which is the best way to contact the Cryptodruid?

Ronan's favourite channel of communication is the contact form of this website, that you can find here. He is also present on social networks and other forum platforms, but contacting him through these alternatives have less chances to get a reply, due the fact that he could not handle easily all the requests that come from all the sources of two separate universes. He hopes you understand.

I am an author and I found one of my images in the website graphics. Would the Cryptodruid give credit to me?

The prophet arranged the whole graphics of his platforms by heavily modifying free contents found on the internet. Given that every missing attribution to the original authors must be considered unintentional, the Cryptodruid will be more than happy, after a proper verification, to provide them those recognitions. So in order to submit this kind of request, please get in touch with him here.

I am a citizen of the USA, should I participate to the Inital Crafts Offering?

Ronan barely knows the geography of Earth, and the only thing of this Kingdom that has attracted his interest is that it has a very strong coin. In any case, the prophet takes this opportunity to share a teaching with you: every single trader is always the only responsible of his trades, in front of the Markets, the legislation of his Kingdom and, of course, the distributed ledgers. This is valid for the citizens of USA as well as of every other nation, realm or monarchy.

I'd like to make a donation to the Cryptodruid. How can I do that?

The Cryptodruid encourages in first place to purchase the Artifacts and to actively join the prophecy, by sending Ethereum (ETH) in the modalities described in the section 2 of this page. However, if you just wish to make a donation, you can send your preferred coins to the addresses listed here. The prophet accepts offerings in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH) and Zcash (ZEC), since these blockchains are strong enough to endure the transfer to the wallets of the Emerald Temple, in the Eastern Blocklands.

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