F.U.D. Blaster

0.180 ETH



A peerless example of crypto-magical engineering, the F.U.D. Blaster has been derivated from the pistol of the Digimarine that Ronan met in the forest. The ammunitions come from highly empowered runic cartridges, and a core device accelerates the bullets focusing them into concentrated blasts of faith in the Markets. Despite its appearance, this firearm is lightweight, handy, and strikingly potent, so now the Cryptodruid prefers it to any other known archery weapon.


Ticker : AR07
Standard : ERC-20
Rarity : Rare
Category : 1H Weapons
Item Level : 420
Total Supply : 250
Available Supply : -
Complete Data : Etherscan Link



In order to purchase an Artifact, first click on the Purchase Tab of the single Artifact’s Page.

Then, send Ethereum (ETH) to the Smart Contract’s Address. The contract will send back to you the goods.

After purchase, add the relative ERC-20 Token Contract to your Ethereum wallet’s watchlist in order to recognize your Artifact.

In order to buy one or more of this Artifact, please send the amount of Ethereum (ETH) you decided to invest at the following smart contract’s address:


Once the Cryptodruid receives your order confirmation, your goods will be instantly delivered to your Ethereum wallet. After purchase, this Artifact will be visible in your wallet by adding to your watchlist the following ERC-20 token contract:


Additional informations about the purchasing procedures can be found here.