Brutal Trader’s Regalia

0.950 ETH



In the Blocklands, every decade, a grand festival takes place to celebrate the end of fear, uncertainty and doubt. During these moons of feast, the Kingdoms of the land interrupt their mutual hostilities, and send their trading champions to represent their colours in the games. The winners of the tournaments are rewarded with glory, exclusive items and generous money prizes. Brutal Trader’s Regalia is the replica of the marvelous armour that Ronan won during his participation at the event, occurred under the flag of the Forests Clan, at the beginning of his journey of worship.


Ticker : AR13
Standard : ERC-20
Rarity : Epic
Category : Aegis
Item Level : 1138
Total Supply : 75
Available Supply : -
Complete Data : Etherscan Link



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Additional informations about the purchasing procedures can be found here.